Owens opposes a bill that would protect troops from military cuts.

Democrat puts defense of ObamaCare, trial lawyers and congressional pensions above our troops
WATERTOWN – With friends like Rep. Bill Owens, who needs friends?
Our current congressman turned his back on Fort Drum today by opposing a bill (H.R. 5652) that would protect our military from $78 billion in cuts – an amount even the Obama administration warned would have “destructive effects on national security.”
By opposing the bill, Owens protected the wallets of some of his biggest donors - unions and trial lawyers – as well as the pockets of his friends in Congress, who the bill targeted to pay more toward their Cadillac-type pension plans.
The legislation will save $238 billion in taxpayer money over 10 years, proving once again that the Democrat may claim he’s working to “put our fiscal house in order” but is actually doing the exact opposite.
“Once again, my opponent has shown a real weakness on protecting our military,” said Matt Doheny, a Republican candidate for Congress. “This past summer, he voted to cut half a trillion in defense in the future for the ability to keep up his reckless spending spree. Now that the first bill is coming due, Owens would rather protect ObamaCare, stimulus funds, a government-funded bailout of banks and tax breaks for illegal aliens more than our fighting men and women overseas. I think it’s shameful. It’s wrong for upstate New York. And it’s wrong for America.”


  1. Anonymous5/11/2012

    Close Fort Drum, go Owens.

  2. Anonymous5/11/2012

    Very good point.

    We don't need Drum when we can fill our county with money making turbines.

    Subsidize wind cut military waste.

    Thank you.Bill

  3. Owens lives a long way from Ft. Drum.

    Matt resides in Watertown and lives with the reality of the importance of Fort drum on our local economy and our national security.

    Owens, on the other hand, represents Washington in Washington.

    If I were allowed to write a commercial about why Owens should not be our Congressman, this is what I would say.

    "Bill Owens represents Washington in Washington"

    "Matt Doheny will represent you in Washington."

  4. Anonymous5/11/2012

    That's good now for Doheny now, but when he's in Washington,DC His views will change to benefit how he thinks Washington style, not so much the home front. How much does Fort Drum spend on a daily basis, how much waste, billions. Been station their did that. If I was allowed to write a commercial, " it would say same shit different party". Thank you.

  5. Anonymous5/11/2012

    At Doheny he has that view and a sensitivity of the community to take to Washington with him.

    Owens never did understand what the North Country was about, never will.

    You don't find very many who think your Fort Drum should be closed and think it is a waste.

    But, you are entitled to that.

    Owens came here because he was stationed at at the base. The closing did not affect him one bit because he is a lawyer and capitalized on the actual closing issues and the hard times it brought to the community. We needed a lawyer because of the many hardships the base closing cost us.

    Bill Owens is out of touch with the people of NNY

  6. Anonymous5/11/2012

    Thank you Bill Owens for supporting Gay unions and the Democrat's endorsement of Gay marriage. Reason enough to keep Bill in Washington representing what Washington wants. He is a Congressman, not a town councilman. Battle your own local issues.

  7. Anonymous5/14/2012

    do you actually think that Doheny guy is going to march into Washington and have his way? The insiders will laugh him off the end of ther bench. Freshmen congressmen don't have a lot of pull right off.
    And we won't have a Mormon president for a while either.
    Romney's grandfather moved to Mehico because polygamy was illegal. Nice.