Voter for Wind comments to the PSC asking for Article X to override local wind siting laws in Cape Vincent and Lyme.

The following are Voter for Wind comments made to the New York State Public Service commission regarding the Article X Draft Regulations.
The general theme of the Voter for Wind is for the State to take over 
local rule of Cape Vincent and Lyme on all industrial siting matters.

Comment by Ellen King
 Comment by Gary King
 Comment by Guy and Julia Gosier
 Comment by Karen Stumpf


  1. Anonymous5/03/2012

    a few elitists...

    Come on Gary. Compared to the way you have been behaving, everyone is an elitist.

  2. Anonymous5/03/2012

    I don't see one single comment from the other side. Why is that?

  3. Anonymous5/03/2012

    I am not sure what you mean by the other side...

    But many individuals and many interest groups are preparing their statements.

  4. Anonymous5/03/2012

    "Protect the integrity of Cape Vincent's small town atmosphere while allowing for compatible residential and commercial growth."

    The above is the vision statement for Cape Vincent that was adopted by the Town and Village governments in 2003 (before wind came to town).

    Read it and tell me what group is "Protecting the integrity of Cape Vincent?"

    It isn't the VFW who want to turn every inch of our town into an industrial wind park and benefit themselves in the process.

    The people who are protecting the Cape's small town atmosphere and are also helping bring commercial development to the Cape (Metal Craft) are those non-native, elitists that the PSC commenters hate so much.

  5. Anonymous5/04/2012


    Join the Cape Vincent Chapter of Bigots for Wind!

  6. Anonymous5/04/2012

    Guy and Julia Gosier said that "We are only a few minutes from Wolfe Island, Ontario and have seen first hand the good that a wind project can bring to a community."

    The Gosiers should understand that what they say is not true for the innocent Wolfe Island home owners that were not involved in the wind project.

    What they must have seen was the money that has been made at the expense of the rest of the Island who lost a lot. Visit TransAlta and you will here lots of good and lots of lies.

    Recently by a count, 67 Wolfe Island home owners were granted a reduction in the assessed value of their homes on Wolfe Island.

    One home value was reduced by $150,000.

    Furthermore, on the west end that has the wind farm, sales are nearly impossible and the values of beautiful homes on the once beautiful and secluded St. Lawrence river island have hit bottom with big personal losses in life-time investments.

    For the Gosiers to use Wolfe Island as an example that they "see no serious adverse effects" is wrong.

    Watch Wolfe Island more closely, Mr. and Mrs. Gosier and you will see and hear many more legal challenges over the serious economic impacts that the wind farm has had on Wolfe Island home values.

  7. Anonymous5/04/2012


    Julia Gosier went to the JCIDA and asked
    them not to allow schools boards to vote
    on PILOT.

    The voters for wind and the wind company
    asked the JCIDA to exclude local taxing jurisdictions
    from the right to a vote on PILOT.

    Voters for wind are all about prejudice, voter intimidation and denying the rights of others to

    That has been their modus operandi of last resort.

  8. Anonymous5/04/2012

    Gosiers are not from the Cape.

    I could say,

    "Who the hell are they to come
    here and tell us what to do with
    our community."

    Turn around is fair play.

    I was at a meeting when some green
    shirt thugs were shouting at a Lyme
    planning board person to shut up and
    go back to Chaumont.

    We should all think before we show
    our bigotry.

    Officially bringing the Cape bigotry
    to the table in the form of PSC comments
    is going to change a lots of minds in Cape
    Vincent and provide further divide.

    Shame on Voters for Wind.

  9. Anonymous5/04/2012

    We've been listening way too long to this phony bullshit from leaseholders. Enough is enough.
    By the way, this "Small group of elitists" who are now running our town were elected by a majority of native residents. The part timers only added to their margin of victory.
    Nobody but leaseholders wanted crooks running our town!

  10. It would be cheaper for the taxpayers to increase farm subsidies in the Cape to compensate for the lost lease income, than to put up those turbines. Just saying.

  11. Anonymous5/04/2012

    Karen Stumpf of Cape Vincent, NY is less than forthcoming when she said to the PSC and the people of New York State that she is not a recipient of a wind turbine. Her husband has signed leases with Bp. They still live together and her son worked for Acciona before they abandoned Cape Vincent.
    If Karen Stumpf were elected to town office or the school board she would have to be listed on the Bp disclosure we as having a financial conflict of interest with Bp.

  12. Anonymous5/04/2012

    If these turbines are as wonderful as you VFW (leaseholders and their kin) say, why didn't the part-time residents vote for candidates who favor wind?
    Don't they believe your desperate propaganda designed for you to get your wind money any money any more than we non-participating locals do?

  13. Anonymous5/04/2012

    I was born here never left. Proud of my family
    and kids in college which we didn't go to. Never rich and will be when the last one gets out.
    I voted against you and so did all the others I know.
    This war on rich and you are causing trouble for yourself. Back off
    Welcome back to Cape Vincent all summer people

  14. Anonymous5/04/2012

    The comment by Karen Stumpf looks just like the letter that was in the Watertown paper a few days ago and supposedly written by Marlene.

  15. Anonymous5/04/2012

    Deb said, "It would be cheaper for the taxpayers to increase farm subsidies in the Cape to compensate for the lost lease income, than to put up those turbines. Just saying."

    How about this for an idea: Jack the taxes on these bastards, and run them them hell out of town. If they didn't deserve it before, they DEFINITELY deserve it now.

    Have fun at grievance day boys.

  16. Anonymous5/04/2012


    Then she came on her and said she wrote it all by herself. Did Marlene recommend the bigotry after all?

  17. Anonymous5/05/2012

    They bring up the dilemma of out of town rulers and rich people. A problem. The Cv village mayor owns two houses and lives in Watertown. Does he take a STAR. Where doe he vote. Is there any fraud involved? This sounds like a job for Gary King and Harold Wiley to send a letter to the assessors and warn them that the mayor might be committing some non voter fraud and is a rich outsider trying to rule us.

  18. Self-appointed elitist.5/05/2012

    I totally disagree with Mr. King's hypothesis and do not believe it will pass peer review. I recommend he discontinue his educational endeavors and get a job licking stamps at a post office that has metal detectors.

  19. Anonymous5/06/2012

    Hey Gary

    I would rather be a self proclaimed expert and elitist than a douche bag who goes around lying about voter fraud and writing letters to my assessor trying to get my STAR taken away. By the way, you lost on that one.
    You guys that sent that letter can go piss up a rope.
    My assessor thinks you guys are jerks for doing that, too.

  20. Anonymous5/06/2012

    You people up there are insulting our Governor Andy.

    He is very rich and elitist and went to the best of private schools.

    He shacks up with his girl friend for more than thirty nights a year. He does not even own land in his girl friends town or pay taxes there.


  21. Anonymous5/06/2012

    Oh, oh.....

    Do King and Wiley know about this?

  22. Anonymous5/06/2012

    Sandra Lee is dating Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo and shares a house belonging to Sandra in Chappaqua, New York.

    Governor Andrew Cuomo and his girlfriend Sandra Lee cast their ballots at a Presbyterian Church in Mount Kisco just down the road from Sandra's Chappaqua, NY home.

    They are very nice neighbors and Governor Cuomo is testimony to the fact that a person only has to live 30 days in the home they love best even though he does not own the home or pay taxes there.

  23. Anonymous5/06/2012

    Hey King?

    Is it true David Duke is writing your letters for you guys now?

  24. Anonymous5/07/2012

    I met Gary King at an Ironblock gathering for the Tea Party movement in Adams. We talked about too much government and putting a stop to their interference and subsidies. I guess someone must have jingled his change.

  25. Anonymous5/07/2012

    Voters for wind should lighten up on the trailer park complaints too. Gary King used to sell trailers.