Voter for Wind tells the NY PSC, "there was no loss of property value in any of the Wind Farm project areas."

To Whom It May Concern,

In the matter of the Rules and Regulations of the Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment, contained in 16 NYCRR, ChapterX, Certification of Major Electric Generating Facilities. I feel that I must comment on the importance of Green Energy to be utilized in this day and age; in particular, Wind Energy.

I reside in the town of Cape Vincent, NY. This location is on the north eastern shores of Lake Ontario and the Saint Lawrence River, where we have a constant wind provided by nature. I own over three hundred acres that is slated for the BP Wind Project. I operated a dairy farm on this property until several years ago. I know the responsibility of caring for land, and leaving it better than you found it; basically being in one with nature. This is the reason I totally support Wind Energy coming to our ar ea in Jefferson County. Therefore, I would like it to be known where I stand on the following issues.

• I have visited Wind Farms and have noticed only a slight sound of wind blowing the blades, similar to movement of tree branches, or the gentle sound water on the shore line. Sounds of nature.

• Living in a rural area we face many financial challenges. I feel Green Energy can help to bring us back to being a self-sufficient generation. Money generated from these projects will surely put money back into NY State.

Generate revenue for schools and teachers to better our future.

Improve town and county spending capabilities for roads and equipment improvements to better our future.

Create jobs to better our future. EXHIBIT 28: ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE

Clean energy providing a service to all of New York State with no side effects from pollution.

No threat from possible terrorists targeting an energy source. EXHIBIT 31: LOCAL LAWS AND ORDINANCES

This area has been largely know as a rural farming community since being founded hundreds of years ago.

This is a prime location for a Wind project, because of the availability of land, wind and being in a lightly populated area.

• We have a view of the Wind Farm on the Wolf Island, Canada project. This causes no negative landscape impact.

Gauthier is wrong. The Thayer study demonstrated
loss of property values up to 1.5 miles for those
homes that saw and heard turbines.
That loss was averaged in with homes
 further away and out of site of turbines.
• Dr. Mark Thayer of the University of California, at San Diego, conducted a study for the Department of Energy. His research revealed that after a study of 7,500 home sales in Wind Farm areas: there was no loss of property value in any of the Wind Farm project areas.

• Given these facts by Dr. Thayer, I have no choice but to conclude that there is indeed, no proberty value loss in any Wind Farm project areas.
There are no known facts that show any detrimental effects on a Wind Farm project in the Cape Vincent area. I totally support this project, and I ask that you support this project.


Robert A. Gauthier Voter For Wind Member