Voters for wind accuse lawyer of being an anti-wind lobbyist.

Julia Gosier, Voter for Wind and
Article X advocate for the stripping
Lyme of local rule is seen here
carrying out free Pizza provided by
a wind industry community organizer.
The Pizza was supplied on the occasion
of wind lobbyist Carol Murphy's coming
to town.

According to a Jaegun Lee Watertown Daily Times report, Voter for Wind Julia Gosier does not want Lyme to use Attorney Gary Abraham to assist her town in writing a response to Article X procedures and their loss of home rule to wind developers.

After the Town of Lyme was offered free advice from Abraham, who would review any comments they submitted to a PSC Public hearing, Voter for Wind, Julia Gosier was quoted as saying, “I think it would be insane for any of these towns to publicly endorse his agendas,”  Julia E. Gosier, is a  town of Lyme resident and an outspoken supporter of wind development.

The lawyer, Gary Abraham was being accused of being a lobbyist for in Albany for anti-wind.

Patricia A. Booras-Miller, of ECCO, set the record straight regarding Abraham by explaining, "He is very well known in Albany and he is not a lobbyist. He really knows his stuff.”

On the other hand, in the summer of 2011, Julia Gosier and Voters for Wind welcomed New York State industrial wind lobbyist Carol Murphy to town as she defended the crapping up of the Towns of Lyme and Cape Vincent with 130 wind turbines and power lines. 

Carol Murphy applauding the loss of local rule
as Governor Cuomo signs Article X legislation.
Mrs. Murphy's 2011 "evening of wind education" in Cape Vincent was sponsored by an out of town community organizer, Marion Trieste who was  hired by wind developers to guide the thinking of Gosier and the Voters for Wind.

As for being a lobbyist, Carol Murphy is the real deal!

And, she serves up one mean bowl of chowder.