Local Voters for Wind praised by Gran Estafador.

Hola to my good American friends in Voters for Wind,

We at the wind company do not know how to thank you enough for defending our corporate honor against the rich and selfish out-siders who have taken over your town during a time when we propose new solutions designed to combat your desperate lifestyles in Lyme and Cape Vincent, NY.

Gran Estafador, CEO, BFW Energia
As you well know, our plans to put the biggest and best wind turbines in your town have only you, your families and, of course, your school children in mind as we use your town for the siting of the best example of green energy your taxpayers can buy.

Soon, we will be offering your community a substantial financial gift in the form of a PILOT. Be advised not to let rich and selfish people who were not born in your town take this extraordinary opportunity away from you.

Keep up the good work for the good people of the world,

Gran Estafador

(sent with my blackberry from the deck of a yacht parked in Monoco.)