Cape Vincent, NY expands Day on the River Weekend with the addition of the Charity Cup Regatta.

Lake Ontario doldrums made for a slow start  for the First Annual Cape Vincent  Charity Cup Regatta held yesterday, Saturday, August 24. The race started at Tibbetts Point Light House.
Proceeds went to Jefferson County Hospice.

Right after the winning sailor made the turn at Hinkley Flats, the winds picked up, making for a faster sail back to Tibbetts and the waiting spectators.

Second at the turn.

Third at the turn.

Fourth at the turn.

In the afternoon, young sailors had fun in their own race.

River rats without sails were given rides in the Zipper, courtesy of the Clayton Boat Museum.

Tugs, tall ships, dingheys and other vessels of all shapes and sizes. It was a busy day on the Cape Vincent waterfront.

Happy days of summer with good friends and a Day on the River in Cape Vincent.

Suddenly, the Union Jack and Redcoats appeared in a reenactment of the War of 1812.

Cape Vincent was invaded by the British!

The crowd looks on as the Cape returns their fire in the defense of their independence from the British whose wounds had been festering since 1776.

Smoke was in the air. And, it was no campfire!

Cape Vincent held off the invaders and they were last seen turning tail in the direction of Wolfe Island.

Life is back to normal for the "Buoy 245 Cormorants" after a day of disruption at the Tibbetts Point start and finish line of Cape Vincent's First Annual Charity Cup Regatta.