Reports claim the decision to pull the plug on the project (Cape Vincent, NY USA) follow years of controversy in the community as the majority of residents were against the plan....ENERGYLIVE NEWS , Feb. 28, 2014

Monday, December 16, 2013

List of Cape Vincent voters who became the subject of a 2013 Democrat Candidates' verified petition was revealed by a Jefferson County Board of Elections FOIL.

The November absentee voter challenges lead to the  2013 Democrat candidates'  filing of a Supreme Court verified petition naming Jerry O. Eaton and Babbett M. Hall, as Commissioners constituting the Jefferson County Board of Elections, Brooks J. Bragdon, Michelle T. Oswald and Urban Hirschey.

In the verified petition, filed with the New York State Supreme Court and later withdrawn, Dennis W. Pearson, Paul Aubertine, and Alan Wood, 2013 candidates for Cape Vincent town council and supervisor alleged, among other things:

9.   Upon information and belief, absentee ballots were issued by the Board of Elections in error, based on insufficient, fraudulent or forged applications.

10.   Upon information and belief, absentee ballots were given to individuals whose primary residence is not in the town of Cape Vincent, nor in Jefferson County, and therefore were ineligible to vote for the public offices of Supervisor and Town Council, Town of Cape Vincent.

The list of the Cape Vincent challenged voters who became the subject of the verified petition can be seen at this link.

A Cape Vincent Citizen responds.

A reply to the people of the Democrat party of Cape Vincent

This list is a foolish and futile public calling out, and I see we're on it. Its desperation for leaders of your party to attack a most basic right, the right to vote.  An offense like this list occurs when a healthy sense of shame and decency go missing. Is it wise for your leaders to advertise such shortcomings? What say the rest of you?  Are there party members with a better sense of propriety and balance? If so your silence condemns you. Please speak up.

Is ongoing voter harassment now accepted Cape Democrat policy?  

Mopes from your party importuned an assessor in another county about our STAR exemption. They wasted their time and cemented any lingering question we, as newcomers, had about political affiliation. What mature, constructive person affiliates with such behavior? Afterwards though still feeling both kindly and pitiful for their clumsiness, I pulled each aside to privately offer correction and suggest a better way. At the time both seemed to have somewhat gotten it.

Clearly others among you still don't. Since you publicly put us on your "hit" list we now publicly ask members of the Cape Democrat party: Isn't it time to get your house in order?   Clayton is humming. That expansion will migrate our way. The Cape is an undiscovered jewel.  

Why can't we benefit together?

We will vote. We shall vote for whomever is best for ALL of Cape Vincent.

Why allow your leaders to make that choice so easy?

Paul F. DuFlo