Reports claim the decision to pull the plug on the project (Cape Vincent, NY USA) follow years of controversy in the community as the majority of residents were against the plan....ENERGYLIVE NEWS , Feb. 28, 2014

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The slogan of freedom upon which our great nation was founded, "NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION !"

However, the seasonal voters who were blacklisted by Town of Cape Vincent Democrat candidates Aubertine, Pearson and Wood all contribute tax dollar support to our schools, town government and Jefferson County.

The 2012 Town and County and 2013 School Tax Rolls available from the Jefferson County Real Property office were used to examine tax payments made by blacklisted seasonal residents with their challengers, Democrat party candidates Paul Aubertine, Dennis Pearson and Alan Wood. That examination showed:
  • All those on the blacklist are seasonal residents (i.e., tax addresses were different from Cape addresses).
  • Sixty-six of the 78 individuals on the blacklist owned property in Cape Vincent and paid local property taxes.
  • Twelve voters were not listed on the tax rolls.  Most likely these voters are residents of mobile home parks, and are not included on the tax rolls, but pay their share of local property taxes via the park owner.
  • Those blacklisted voters not on the tax rolls still contribute to local taxes, but the actual amount paid is unknown.  Therefore, any estimates of annual tax payments by blacklisted voters will be an underestimate.
  • Twenty-one couples and 24 individual blacklisted taxpayers paid a total of $97,945 in school tax, $83,471 in town and county tax for a total of $181,416 in support of the Town of Cape Vincent, Thousand Islands School District and Jefferson County.
  • Blacklisted seasonal landowners paid an annual average of $4,031 in property taxes in 2012-2013.  Tax payments ranged from $926 to $10,977.

In comparison, an examination of the tax rolls for the Democrat candidates who created the blacklist showed:

  • All were year-round residents of Cape Vincent.
  • Pearson and Wood paid a total of $6,982 in local property taxes.  This included $3,825 in school tax and $3,157 in Town and County taxes.
  • Aubertine, a full-time resident, apparently owns no property in the Town of Cape Vincent, since he was not listed on any of the tax rolls.
  • Ironically, Paul Aubertine is not listed on the tax rolls as a property owner and paid nothing directly in property taxes to the school, the town or the county, yet the new town councilman tried to block the voting rights of 78 seasonal residents who paid nearly $200,000 in property taxes.